Building your first landing page

The below guide is intended to walk you through the basics of building landing pages in Unstack.

  1. Create a new page

    To start, you'll need to first create a new page. This is done by clicking +New Page in the top-right of Landing Pages.

  2. Choose a template

    Next you'll be prompted to select a template as the foundation of your page. If you don't want to start with a template, click on the "Blank Page" card.

  3. Choose a product

    Unstack for Shopify

    This step only applies to accounts using Unstack for Shopify. If you're using Unstack for Websites this does not apply to you.

    If a template was selected in the last step, you'll now be asked to select a product. Two things to note:

    1. Selecting a product here does not prevent you from changing the product later.
    2. You do not have to select a product here. Click "Skip step" in the top right to skip this step.

    Not seeing the product you're looking for? Check out this guide to troubleshoot.

  4. Modify/Add Content

    At this point your page has been created and it's time for you to make it yours. If you haven't already, confirm that your styles are set up properly and then have a read through some of our other documentation to familiarize yourself with things like the basics of page structure, linking to pages/products, and more

  5. Advanced Customization

    Spend some time learning about some of the more advanced page-editing features available to you in Unstack. Things like:

    1. A/B Testing
    2. Mobile Editing
    3. Conditional Content
    4. Dynamic Text Content

    Not sure how you'd use these features? Check out some of our strategy guides!

  6. Final Check & Publish

    All set? Page looking good? Great! Last step here is to confirm your page settings. There's not much to them, but it's still good to review to make sure everything is in order.

    Things still looking good? Mash that publish button! Your page is done!

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