Release 146 | July 26, 2022


This release bookends a lot of the improvements in Release 143, Release 144, and Release 145 with some finishing work and a number of bug fixes. The most significant feature added is the ability to customize shadows in the style guide.

Banner Features

Shadow settings in the style guide

Full shadow customization is now available through the Style Guide!

Out-of-stock products

The product component will now display “Out of Stock” on the add-to-cart button in addition to disabling it when the number of available products is less than 0.

Smart Link Polish

Some additional work was done on smart links to expand on current tooling and to squash some persistent issues with toolbar functionality.

Complete List of Resolved Items


    • Bug - Fixed an issue where navigation links in the liquid header/footer would appear differently in Unstack than they did in Shopify.

Editor Improvements

    • Feature - Added support for pre-defined shadow settings in the Style Guide.
    • Feature - Added NoML support for defining default shadows on components.
    • Tweak - Adjusted box toolbars so they don't float over content when expanded.
    • Bug - Fixed an issue where the default box shadow setting was not properly indicated in the box toolbar.
    • Bug - Fixed an issue where the A/B Testing button would require two clicks to open sub-toolbar.

Smart links

    • Tweak - Pushed several more stability updates for Smart Links


    • Tweak - Adjusted the text of the product component's Add-To-Cart button to say "Out of stock" when the product is out of stock.
    • Bug - Fixed an issue with the banner component where an applied background image wouldn't be displayed.
    • Bug - Fixed an issue with the background color of the banner component not rendering properly

Style Guide Improvements

    • Bug - Fixed an issue where the color selection drawer would show the color in RGB. 
    • Bug - Fixed an issue where Brand Primary was being set to "rgba (0,0,0,0)" by default.


    • Tweak - Refreshed client-side properties that are pushed to Klaviyo.
    • Tweak - Cleaned up contact info in our database.
    • Bug - Fixed a CSS collision issue with Klaviyo popover forms.

Customer Issues

    • Bug - Fixed an issue where a user couldn't open their Style Guide
    • Bug - Updated FAQ schema
    • Bug - Fixed a product images issue
    • Bug - Updated URL & OG URL definitions for author pages

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