Provide a coupon code to users who visited your site multiple times but haven't converted

In this guide you'll learn how to leverage conditions to show a coupon code to users who have visited your site multiple times without converting.

  1. First, you'll need to identify where on your landing page you want to make this offer. In this example, we're using a banner component that sits above our product component.

  2. Next a decision needs to be made on how you want to present the coupon code. Is there any information that you want to collect from the user before they get the coupon code? Below are examples of two different ways that you can approach this:

      • Option #1 - Give users the coupon code without any strings attached.

      • Option #2 - Send users to a page with a dedicated form for collecting user information, and exchanging it for a coupon code. We recommend reading another of our guides - "Offering users a coupon code after form submission" - for more details on how to set this up in your account.

  3. Now that you've made a decision about how you want to present the coupon code, it's time to use conditions to ensure that only non-converting users who have previously visited can use this coupon.

    However, just like there are multiple ways to present the coupon code; there are also multiple ways to configure conditions to achieve the same result. Below are a couple examples of how to achieve the same result using different condition combinations:

    "Purchased any product?" & "Total visits"

    • Purchased any product? = no

    • Total visits > 1

    "Purchased any product?" & "First visit"

    • Purchased any product? = no

    • First visit = no

    "Purchased any product?" & "Visited previously?"

    • Purchased any product? = no

    • Visited previously? = yes

    Alternatives to "Purchased any product?"

    In any of the above examples, the "Purchased any product?" condition could be substituted with the "Total value of all purchases" condition configured two different ways:

  4. Regardless of the configuration option that you choose or the way you want users to claim the coupon code, the end result should be the same; users who have visited your site multiple times but have not converted will be given the opportunity to claim a discount to use with their first transaction.

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