Reminding users to use a coupon code

In the below guide we'll use Conditional Content to remind users who claimed a coupon code but haven't yet converted, that they have an unused discount available to them.

  1. First, as this is a continuation of our other guide - Offering users a coupon code after form submission - make sure you've taken a moment to review the material covered thus far.

  2. Next you'll need to find a good place for this reminder to live on your landing page. Below you'll see that a banner component has been added above the product component on our landing page.

    As you can see in this screenshot, we're using the placeholder {{contact.first_name}} in our banner make the reminder more personal. For more information on placeholders, check out our official product guide on Dynamic Text Content.

  3. Now that we've got our banner created, we need to add three conditions to ensure that only users who have filled out our "Email Signup -> Discount Code" form and who have not yet made a purchase, can see this section. These conditions are as follows:

    • Submitted a form... = Email Signup -> Discount Code
    • Contact exists?yes
    • Purchased any product? = no

    By setting the conditions for the section in this way, you're effectively hiding the section from users who haven't claimed their coupon code via your email signup form.

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