Release 132 | Feb 21, 2022


A smaller release, but we shipped a few features and tweaks in addition to a number of bug fixes. Tons of work on some new features and editor improvements that will both land in a future release. 

Banner Features

Intro video for the page editor

As part of our work to improve the onboarding experience, a popup intro video for the editor will appear the first five times you enter the editor. You can also dismiss the tip permanently if you choose to.

Product images for all media

There’s a new folder in the media manager for Products where images that are imported from Shopify products will appear. This will make it easier to use product images in any Unstack component.

Domain settings for Shopify

We cleaned up the domain settings for Shopify customers using the App Proxy functionality to load Unstack pages on their Shopify domain. When you’re using App Proxy it now shows “Point to Shopify” and you aren’t able to change it (we will probably enable people to change this in the future).


Form Width

In this release, we rolled out changes so that you can set a custom width for a form. All forms will use the style guide setting by default, but you can now set a custom width:

  1. In the admin portal, under Forms, open the form you want to change
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Under Max Width, select Custom...
  4. Enter a number and save!


Text-align Right

You can now align text to the right! This is something we probably should have done a long time ago, but we’re only now getting to it along with a number of other editor improvements.


Complete List of Resolved Items

  • Added intro video for the editor.
  • Added deep-links. Among other things, this allows us to provide one URL that all users can use to access a specific part of their account. For example, will now take you to the landing pages section in your account.
  • Adjusted media policy to allow product images to be used any place where media can be used. 
  • Updated the Unstack UI to account for Shopify plans which use the proxy by default.
  • Fixed a mobile-specific issue where text would overlap in the product component.
  • Pushed a change to allow users to be able to set a max-width for their forms. 
  • Added support for text-align right.
  • Fixed an issue with our HubSpot integration which prevented users from being able to add their HubSpot forms to a page. 
  • Fixed an issue where white backgrounds were mixing button styles when a dark background was used.

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