Release 126 | Dec 12, 2021


A simple release. A handful of fixes, and a couple new features.

Banner Features

Gorgias Chat Integration

More common with eCommerce customers Gorgias (pronounced Gorgeous) is a helpdesk solution for storefronts.

Icons & Images

We've tweaked the media manager so that you can now select any image or icon for any media component.

Now when you are selecting an icon the media manager will open on the "Icons" tab, but you will also be able to select "Images" to pick an icon instead.

The same is true for media which defaults to the "Images" tab but allows you to select "Icons".

Complete List of Resolved Items

  • Added a native integration for Gorgias Chat
  • Adjusted media selection to allow images from any category to be used in any context.
  • Backend work to allow website and landing page templates to be used in either context.
  • Fixed the link used in the email when alerting users of their A/B test results.
  • Adjusted all pages created on Unstack to include the OG:URL

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