Release 123 | Nov 22, 2021


Lots of small fixes in this release and other useful changes.

Banner Features

New Admin Navigation

You'll notice that a snazzy new UX complete with animations. Content has also been slightly reorganized according to new information architecture.

Tracking form landing page to checkout
This is a critical part of our ability to deliver in-depth metrics to merchants and is our first step towards rolling out detailed sales metrics and more at a later date.

Complete List of Resolved Items

  • Adjusted the "Reviews" component to support a two-column layout. This allows more revies to be shown in a side-by-side manner.
  • Fixed an issue that the form "Submitted by" column was having where it showed the wrong count.
  • Made adjustments to "empty" product component in the editor.
  • New admin navigation and organization.
  • Added two-column layout for "Reviews" component.
  • Adjusted the appearance of the cart icon when used with dark backgrounds.
  • Removed the "Invite Collaborators" onboarding step from Quickstart when the user is from Shopify.
  • Adjusted the way the frontend handles a product-less and template-less Unstack account.
  • Fixed a permissions issue when reinstalling the app.
  • Fixed an issue where a certain product wasn't pulling into Unstack properly.
  • Adjusted the header notification that will sometimes appear so that it doesn't cover the "Save Row" prompt in DDC.
  • Fixed an issue that was caused when multiple foreign-key columns were used in a single table.
  • Fixed an issue where SVG images weren't rendering in DDC tables.
  • Adjusted a background job to reduce the total number of API calls that are made.
  • Rolled out improvements to integration encryption.
  • Fixed several minor styling issues with the navigation menu.
  • Fixed an issue with broken media in pre-builts when adding them to other pages.
  • Fixed an issue where RSS feeds weren't generating properly if the feed used non-English characters.
  • Updated the URLs of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy when gating content.

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