Adding Users to "Unstack Page Builder" in Shopify

If a user on your Shopify store wants access to Unstack, you'll need to first ensure that they have permission to do so in Shopify. This is managed via the following path in Shopify:

  1. Settings
  2. Users and permissions
  3. [Select the User]
  4. Permissions
  5. Apps and Channels


With access to Unstack Page Builder, the user needs to select the Unstack Sales Channel from Shopify's navigation menu, and click "Get Started" on the following screen. Doing so will add them as a user to your Unstack instance which will allow them to make changes within the app.

Get started button in Shopify

Unstack User Roles

User roles in Shopify might not have an equivalent role in Unstack. For more on User roles in Unstack please refer to this article.

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