Adding Users to "Unstack Page Builder" in Shopify

Adding a collaborator to Unstack

If you want to grant Unstack access to someone who doesn't have access to Shopify, you'll first need to add them as a collaborator by having them request collaborator access. This process is outlined here

If a user on your Shopify store wants access to Unstack, you'll need to first ensure that they have permission to do so in Shopify. This is managed via the following path in Shopify:

  1. Settings
  2. Users and permissions
  3. [Select the User]
  4. Permissions
  5. Apps and Channels

Once you've confirmed that the Shopify user can access Unstack Page Builder, that user just needs to select open the Unstack app. This will automatically add them as a user to your Unstack account and will allow them to create pages just as you are able to. 

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