Browser Support Policy

Unstack Sites & Landing Pages

For pages that run on Unstack, we strive to support both mobile and desktop browsers for versions that are less than a year old.

Desktop Mobile
Microsoft Edge Android Chrome
  Android Firefox
Google Chrome iOS/iPadOS Safari
Mozilla Firefox iOS/iPadOS Chrome
Apple Safari iOS/iPadOS Firefox

All Unstack templates are built to support the browsers listed above. We are not however responsible for maintaining browser support for code that you add to your site. This includes third-party integrations, custom code blocks, and your own custom-made section components.

If you are experiencing problems with one of the browsers listed above, check your browser version to see when it was last updated, and reach out to our Support team if it was updated in the last year. Problems with unsupported browsers may take a lower priority.

Admin Portal

For the Admin portal, we strive to support the most recent versions of the major desktop web browsers:

Desktop (Only)
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

If you are experiencing problems, please upgrade to the latest version of one of the browsers above. Otherwise, reach out to our Support team.

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