The "Customers" section of the Unstack Admin is where you can see a full list of the contacts that you've collected using Unstack Forms. Other than the search bar, there are a number of filter options that you can use to find the contact(s) you're looking for. These are as follows:

Filter Description
All Contacts Shows all contacts/leads acquired on Unstack
New Contacts Contacts that are acquired within the last 30 days
Repeat Visitors Contacts that visit your site at least once every 30 days
Slipping Away Contacts with no activity on the site in 60+ days

Within an individual customer/contact there are three tabs that have various purposes: Activity, Tasks,  Notes.

Activity Tasks Notes

The activity tab is where you'll see a log of that user's activity. This includes things like referral sources, form submissions, page views, etc.

Additionally, on this screen you'll see a list of properties in a panel to the right. This is a collection of the various pieces of information that the customer/contact has provided via any Unstack form submissions. There are a number of standard fields here, but we also show the values of hidden fields if there are any.

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