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Unstack Name

You may notice the "Unstack Name" field when editing pages, articles, blog settings, and more. This is an internal-only name used specifically for search within your account.

The "Unstack Name" field's value will not be displayed publicly and should be used for page/article/blog organization.

Title Tag

The title tag is highly important. This is an up-to 65-character string of text which will be provided to search engines, shown in the browser tab, and readable by your visitors.

With this in mind, your title should not be keyword-stuffed, it should be a short description of what the page contains.

URL Slug

The URL Slug is the customizable portion of the web address for a page/article/blog.

As an example within the URL:, the URL slug is this-help-document.

Within Unstack, you do not need to add the initial forward-slash, however, any preceding forward-slashes should be indicated within the URL slug. As a brief example this URL:

...will have a URL slug of help/category/this-help-document where the first, initial forward-slash was not indicated but all others were.

Please feel free to reach out to our Support team for further assistance.

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