Archiving a Stripe Pricing Plan

    1. You'll first need to open Settings > Payments from the Unstack Admin; it's here where you'll see a list of all your active products and their pricing plans.

      It's also here where you're able to archive a pricing plan. To do this, you just need to select "Archive" next to the plan you'd like to archive.

    2. When you do this you'll also be given the below warning - clicking "OK" will continue with the archival of the pricing plan.

What happens if I update a product or pricing plan in Stripe?

We do not have two-way sync with Stripe meaning, any updates that occur within Stripe will not be carried over into Unstack. However, Stripe does not allow for many changes, especially after users are subscribed to a product/plan, thus, this is not of high urgency.

In the case that you do need to adjust something about a product or pricing plan that no one is currently subscribed to, we suggest archiving the product in Unstack and creating a new one.

Can I unarchive a product or pricing plan?

At this time, no. Although you can unarchive the product and/or pricing plan within Stripe, that action will not carry over into Unstack.

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