Connecting Unstack to Shopify

  1. Create a Shopify Account and ensure you have at least one active product.
  2. Add the Unstack App in Shopify, this creates an Unstack sales channel which asks for several different read-only permissions.
  3. Approving the permission requests will create an Unstack account and then will bring you back to Shopify where you are prompted to confirm billing details. If this is your first time adding Unstack to your Shopify store, a free 15-day trial is automatically added to your account.
  4. Once the billing details have been confirmed, you'll be redirected back to Unstack where you can start building out your first landing page!

Keep in mind that if you've previously installed Unstack and are installing it again, re-adding the Unstack App to your Shopify store will not restore any previously configured pages if it's re-added more than 2 days after the last uninstall. 

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