Integrating Google Tag Manager (GTM)

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) does exactly what it's name implies. It's a Google product that's primary role is to manages tags. In other words, if you have a Google Ads event, a 3rd party script, or any other piece of code that you need added to your site under certain conditions; GTM is the solution you're looking for. To get started, visit and create an account.

Adding your GTM container to your Unstack Account

  1. Open up the Integrations section in Unstack.
  2. Once here, select the (+) to the right of Google Tag Manager.
  3. Here you'll be prompted to add your GTM container ID. This ID can be found in the top-right of your container after it's been created. The ID should look similar to GTM-#######
  4. After pasting that ID, save the integration.
  5. GTM is now installed on your site!

My GTM Container is 404-ing

If your GTM container is 404-ing, it likely hasn't yet been published. Add a tag to your container and publish it as a new version. This should resolve the issue.

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