Integrating ConvertFlow

What is ConvertFlow?

ConvertFlow is the all-in-one platform for conversion. Create, personalize and launch forms, popups, surveys and landing pages – no code required.


How do I connect ConvertFlow to Unstack?

Step 1: Head to your "Integrations tab" in your Unstack main menu, and click on the Plus sign symbol next to ConvertFlow.


After clicking on the plus symbol, a text box will appear asking for your CF account ID.


Step 2: Head to your ConvertFlow account, and click on one of your active websites (note: your active websites will only display if you have already created CTA's for them).


Step 3: In the top right of your ConvertFlow dashboard, click on Settings, a drop down box will pop-up, click "Website".


Step 4: Scroll down on the page until you see the box titled "Hosted domain", copy and paste the 5-digit code that is in the box back into Unstack to successfully connect the integration.



Congratulations, you've now integrated ConvertFlow with Unstack!

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