Integrating Rewardful


Rewardful is a quick and simple way for subscription-based businesses using Stripe to create and manage an affiliate program. Affiliates are people who promote your business on your behalf, and earn a commission from the customers they send you.

Connecting Rewardful to Unstack

  1. Head to your "Integrations tab" in your Unstack main menu, and click on the Plus sign symbol next to Rewardful.
  2. After clicking on the plus symbol, a text box will appear asking for your referral code.

  3. Navigate to your Rewardful account, and create a campaign.
  4. After creating a campaign, You'll be directed to select the platform of your choice.
  5. Once you select Unstack, your browser will be auto-directed to a new page that displays your code.

  6. Copy and paste it into Unstack, and click save.
  7. Done! Now that you've got Rewardful implemented you'll also want to make sure you are using our Stripe integration. Here's a link to our documentation if this isn't yet set up. 

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