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Through Unstack, when you upload images, icons, or videos the files are automatically added to your Media library. Once they're a part of this library, they can be used again and again through your site without having to upload the file more than one. 


There are a couple ways you can upload these files; for one, they can be directly uploaded to your Media library via the process detailed below. Simply click on [+] to select a file to upload. 



Secondly, these files can also be uploaded when you're in the editor for a landing page, web page, or blog post. Just add a component with a media block, click into the media block, and upload the media file via the [+] shown below. 



Uploading PDF files to Unstack:

Just as you uploaded images, icons, and videos, Unstack also supports the upload of PDFs. These have to be added through the "Media" section in the product as shown in the below screenshot. 






Frequently Asked Questions:

Adding "Alt text" for my Media

Alt text is an essential element of web page design. It is a short text description of an image on the page. Alt text is frequently utilized by accessibility tools that help blind or visually-impaired visitors understand what's on the webpage they're visiting. For our SEO aficionados out there - it also helps with your organic ranking.

To add alt-text to an image or video, open the media window and add your alt text to the field shown below. alt_text_image.png

Adding a hyperlink to my media

To add a hyperlink your media, edit the photo or video by clicking it, and add the URL you'd like to link to in the field shown below.



Error messages when uploading media

If you are receiving any errors or have any issues uploading a particular image or video, this could be because it does not meet specific requirements. 

For one, images and videos must be under 10MB and fit the supported file types listed below:


Images & Icons


.3gpp .jpg/.jpeg
.mov .bmp
.mkv .x-icon



Secondly, there may be an issue with the file itself. Try uploading a different file to see if this is the case. 


How can I give a user access to a specific PDF?


Button option:



Form option:




If you have any questions that cannot be answered through this Media Overview article, please refer to our support request form.

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