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Why is my background image not showing?

This is a common issue where the background image is not showing because the Background Color opacity setting is set to 100%. And, since background color is an overlay of the background image, if it's 100%, the background image will be completely overlaid and hidden.




In order to make the background image visible, adjust the slider down to your desired opacity of the overlay:

  • Image fully visible without overlay: 0%
  • Image with overlay: 50%+


Adjusting your background color with the opacity slider can be tricky at first, but after getting the feel for it you'll be a pro in no time! Learn more about background media.


Can I edit a photo in Unstack?

We currently do not support traditional photo editing within Unstack. Although, Spacing and Max Width can be used to manage the width of an image.


If more robust changes to an image are needed, we suggest editing the photo in a third party tool such as Photoshop, or a similar app, like Photopea (free!).

Why are my images being compressed?


If your image is compressed this could be due to your image settings within Unstack.

For more information please take a look at our help article on understanding image optimization setting's.

Why am I getting errors when uploading images?



If you are receiving an error like the one shown in the above screenshot, make sure the files you are uploading to Unstack meet the require requirements including file size & type.


What are the stock image options available in Unstack?

Unstack offers Unsplash to users for stock images and even videos using Pexels.





If you have any questions that cannot be answered through this FAQ article, please refer to our support request form.

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