Adding Meta Keywords

SEO Meta Keywords are a powerful way to correctly rank yourself on different topics and improve your placement within a Google Search or any other indexing search engine.

Keywords for Articles Keywords for Pages

When publishing a blog it's highly important to correctly input meta descriptions, titles, and keywords. Now, within Unstack you can custom setup the keywords you'd like to use for each-and-every blog post you publish.

  1. Click into the blog post from the index page by clicking the name of the blog you'd like to adjust the keywords of.
  2. Once you have the blog open, click the "i" icon in the top right corner of the editor to expand the setting drawer.
  3. Once the drawer is expanded you may begin typing in the keywords you'd like to use - the keywords should be separated by commas. (Example: coffee, tea, coffee shop, coffee store)
  4. Once you've added the keywords you'd like and are happy with them. Click Save and Publish to push the blog live or simply click Save Only to save your changes within publishing them to the world.

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