User Role Definitions

Note: To ensure the safety of our users, support strictly abides by the permissions of your user role and will not make changes that your user account is not permitted to do.

While setting up an account, you can select the role from the dropdown in the modal.

Then, once created, you can view their user role in the team table.

User Roles

  • Account Owner: ability to manage everything, change subscription, cancel, and delete account.
  • Administrator: ability to manage every aspect of the account, except for subscriptions and billing.
  • Editor: ability to create and edit content, as well as publish, unpublish, and start/stop A/B Tests.
  • Author: ability to create and edit content and AB Tests, but cannot publish, unpublish, or start/stop tests.
  • Developer: ability to manage integrations, custom section types, styles, assets, and domain configuration details.
  • Sales Rep: ability to manage contacts and view applicable insights.


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