Unstack & GDPR Compliance

Unstack does not take responsibility for making your site GDPR compliant, nor will we be able to assist with auditing your site for GDPR compliance. Compliance with the GDPR guidelines is something you maintain yourself. There is no one-size fits all approach to GDPR compliancy since the tools you use with your website will vary.

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Does enabling Unstack's cookie usage warning make my site GDPR compliant?
Our built-in cookie usage warning is something that can be used to kickstart GDPR compliancy. However, just toggling on the warning doesn't mean your site is GDPR compliant. 
Can Unstack audit my site for GDPR compliance?
No, auditing GDPR compliance is not something that Unstack can help you with.  
Can a free Unstack site be GDPR compliant?
Due to free sites not being given an SSL certificate, they cannot be GDPR compliant.
Can I add a third-party GDPR tool?
Yes! We highly encourage installing 3rd-party GDPR compliance tools onto your site.

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