Is my website on Unstack GDPR compliant?

Warning Note

Unstack does not take responsibility for making your site GDPR compliant. GDPR compliance is something your enterprise must audit and maintain. GDPR compliance is variable, it matters on the 3rd-party tools your website is using, country, payment plan, and what industry you're in.

Critical Note

Unstack's Support team cannot, and will not, audit your site for GDPR compliance.


Resources for GDPR Compliance:

Gartner's GDPR Compliance Checklist
GDPR Official Checklist Provided by


FAQ for Unstack <> GDPR

Question Answer
Unstack provides a GDPR cookie badge, will that make my site compliant? Our GDPR cookie badge (warning) is a great start to GDPR compliance. However, an internal audit is essential.
Can Unstack audit my site for GDPR compliance? No, please consult a lawyer if your business needs to be GDPR compliant.
Can a free Unstack site be GDPR compliant? No, due to free sites not having SSL, they cannot be GDPR compliant.
Can I add a third-party GDPR tool? Yes! We highly encourage installing 3rd-party GDPR compliance tools onto your site.


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