Adding or Removing Animations

The icon for animations within the toolbar

What can animations be added to?

Animations can be added to almost every element within sections. These animations can add a lot to the visual experience for new visitors.

When do animations load?

Animations load when they become visible on the screen and they will only load once, they do not re-play once the element which had animation is scrolled past.

Setting up an animation

Animations can be set within an element's toolbar;

Removing an animation

This links back to the overarching understanding of when something in Unstack is toggled on or off, you can tell this by the color of the icon: blue = on and white = off.

Specifically for animations, you'll click the animation icon within the main toolbar of the currently animated element, then you'll click the animation setting which is currently blue within the sub-toolbar that appear after clicking the animation icon, once you've clicked that the animation icon should turn from blue to white indicating you've successfully disabled that specific element's animation.

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