Integrating ActiveCampaign

Functionality Change

As of 4/15/2022 the "inbound" aspects of this integration are being deprecated. This means that after that day, data from ActiveCampaign will no longer be pulled into your Unstack account. This will not affect data that's being sent to ActiveCampaign from Unstack.

How this integration works

The ActiveCampaign integration within Unstack is an API integration that enables your ability to "push" (send) a contact from Unstack to an ActiveCampaign list upon a form submission on Unstack. The perks of this being that the submission will be recorded in both Unstack and ActiveCampaign.

Connecting ActiveCampaign

    1. Navigate to the integrations page within Unstack.
    2. Click the (+) icon (1) to the right of the ActiveCampaign integration.

    3. Enter the Account URL, API Access Key, and optionally Account ID.

      Active Campaign Settings

    4. Finally, click the Connect account button to save your changes.


Sending data to ActiveCampaign

We will send the contact's first name, last name, email, phone number, and company name. Our integration creates a contact within the ActiveCampaign list your selected, and Unstack does not  alter/create company/deal objects.

Pushing Unstack form submissions to ActiveCampaign is done at the form level. Therefore, if you have multiple forms, you'll need to set this up once for each form via the dropdown pictured below. 


What happens if the contact already exists in ActiveCampaign?

We'll listen to see if the contact is already within ActiveCampaign and if it is we'll rerun a new operation that will add the existing contact to the selected list. This may delay the process of adding the contact to the list.

Does the ActiveCampaign JavaScript snippet get added?
No, this integration does not add the ActiveCampaign site tracking snippet. We suggest adding that through a custom integration.
Is there a subscription requirement?
Yes, since this is purely an API integration, you'll need to be on the Full+ plan.

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