How do I delete my site?

Policy note

Only the site owner may take this action. Unstack support may not take this action on a user's behalf.

Warning: undoable action

Once done this cannot be undone, please ensure you'd like to take this action and are ready for your content to be deleted from the Unstack platform.

When you need to delete your site whether it's for restarting on a new theme, removing your content from the platform, or starting from scratch, you may follow this tutorial. Keeping in mind, this cannot be undone and by following this, you are requesting all your content be deleted.

  1. Navigate to your settings page within the Unstack platform
  2. Scroll to the bottom where you'll find the "Danger zone" (1).
  3. Click the "Delete site" hyperlink (2).
  4. Click "Okay" in the warning modal (3) that appears after reading its prompt.

Is this deletion method compliant with GDPR right to be forgotten?

No, we currently do not accomodate GDPR as we service the USA.

Can I restore after deletion?

No, once you have followed this process your content is gone.

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