How do I change my homepage?


How do I adjust which page on my Unstack website is currently my homepage?


Friendly note

Only a page (landing or site) may be your homepage. An article or automatically generated blog listing page may not.

  1. You'll first open the settings drawer for your current homepage by clicking the three vertical dots (Screen_Shot_2021-01-29_at_2.03.41_PM.png).
  2. Once the drawer is expanded, scroll to the bottom and click the underlined text "Unpublish" then verify this action within the modal that opens.
  3. Now, expand the settings drawer of your new desired homepage by clicking that respective page's three vertical dots (Screen_Shot_2021-01-29_at_2.03.41_PM.png).
  4. Within the desired homepage's drawer select/highlight all text within the URL input and replace it with a single hyphen, do not backspace the content of the URL input otherwise it will become disabled and you'll need to reload the page.
  5. Click "Save and Publish" you'll then see the desired homepage is not followed by the "Homepage" badge within Unstack.

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