Using Anchor Links


Anchor tags are IDs that are assigned to sections, which are used to link users to a specific part of a page. In Unstack, these can be assigned to sections and are used when linking users via buttons or text.

To set this up in your account...

  1. Identify which section you want scrolling into view when a link is clicked. 
  2. Once identified, click the CSS Selector option from the section toolbar and define an ID. This ID should be a text string. Do not enter a "#" in this field.
  3. Find the button you want to use, or the text you want to hyperlink and enter the ID you defined in the previous step as the URL, prefaced by a "#". Therefore if the ID you defined above was heroSection, the button's link would be #heroSection.

Some considerations

  • Anchor links are case-sensitive, so what you enter into the text field must be used following the pound sign in the exact same case format.
  • It's possible to use anchor links to link to a section on another page. To do this you'd just need to add the full URL before the # when adding the linking the button. If this is your homepage, you'll need to add a forward slash before adding the pound sign and section name.

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