How to use Anchor Links in Unstack

How do anchor links work?

Anchor tags are assigned to sections, and Anchor "links" are used to connect visitors directly to the linked item on your page.

How to set up an anchor link?

You can start creating your anchor link by clicking on the section you are wanting to link and clicking on the "anchor" symbol that appears above it.




Quick Note

Anchor links are case-sensitive, so what you enter into the text field must be used following the pound sign in the exact same case format.


If you're on the same page where the anchor link exists, you'll only need to enter the component's name prefixed by #.

Linking to an anchor link on a different page

Linking to a component or section on another page is possible. You'll just need to add the full URL with a # and anchor link. If this is your homepage, you'll need to add a forward slash before adding the pound sign and section name.

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