Unstack & AMP

With a Full+ or Enterprise level subscription in Unstack, AMP version of your articles are automatically created for your blog articles.

If you're on one of these plans, then you may notice the box is checked off and can't be unchecked. The reason for this is that at this time, it's not currently possible to disable the creation of AMP versions of your articles. 

If you're not on either of these plans, then you'll need to upgrade in order to enable this feature. 

What are the benefits of AMP?

Page load speed is a large piece of user experience, so, when AMP allows for your page to be engineered to load "lightning-fast" you vastly improve your mobile visitors' experience.

Troubleshooting AMP Compliance Issues

Please reference our Google Search Console troubleshooting guide as the AMP compliance issue will come to you through Google Search Console.

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