Setting up a one-time payment product

Configuring the Product

  1. Navigate to the Payments tab on the left sidebar navigation.
  2. Click "+ New Product" which will toggle the new product information drawer to open.
  3. Within the newly opened drawer, input the product's Name, Price, and Frequency; keeping in mind if you use monthly or annual frequency the customer will be charged that amount at every renewal.
  4. Once you've completed and reviewed your responses to those three inputs, click "Save." Unstack will then create this new product and payment option within Stripe and render that information onto your screen.

Configuring the payment form

  1. Create either a new site or landing page, keeping in mind that only landing pages allow you to adjust the header/footer size.
  2. Once you've created this new page, open the editor for the page.
  3. Add one of the following components which are compatible with the payment form;
    1. Media
    2. Text
    3. Call-to-action
  4. Once you've added in the component, click the (+) plus icon, this will toggle a bar of options, from this bar, select "Payment."
  5. Within the drawer that opens, select from the dropdown which product you'd like to offer within this payment form.
  6. Lastly, designate what the post-purchase behavior should be.
  7. Once completed, click "Save" to have this payment form generated onto the page.

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