Component Guide: Quotes


Have any cool or inspiring quotes to share? Maybe a super satisfied customer left a killer review?

You can rest easy knowing that this can all be achieved with the Unstack quote component type.


Introduction to the quote component

Adding the Quote component to your Unstack Page:

Click on the Add Component button, and select "Quotes" or "Large Quotes".


Adding or removing quotes:

To add additional quotes, click on the plus sign that appears in the top right of the quote when hover over it with your mouse.

To remove quotes, hover over the quote and click on the trashcan icon that appears.


Rearranging your quotes:

To rearrange your quotes click, hold, and drag using the icon to the left of the trashcan Icon.



Add an Action:

Just like other components, you are also able to add a primary or secondary button, as well as a text link by clicking on the plus symbol that appears under the quote.


Congratulations, you are now an expert of Unstack quotes! What's next? Taking over the world...?

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