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This document is for developers who want to build components, not the average website designer.

Components are a part of Unstack's unique content management system, which define patterns for sections that content authors can add to pages in your Unstack sites. The uniqueness of our Component architecture is that it allows content authors to choose from a predefined selection of patterns to create new sections in a page, while limiting their ability to deviate from the pattern beyond what's defined in the Component parameters, to prevent them from potentially breaking the UI standards defined by administrators of your site.

Built-in vs Custom Components

There are a number of pre-built Components that come with your Unstack CMS, such as Callouts, Quotes and FAQs, which are commonly used patterns that many websites will use.

However, to expand the customizability of Unstack sites, we allow your developers to get under the hood and alter how pre-built Components work for your website, or even create entirely new types of Components for use in your sites, using the Component Editor.

The Component Editor

The Component Editor is a tool available in Unstack Sites that exposes the underlying Component code, which consists of NoML-enhanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Your Developers and Admins will have access to this tool, where they can edit and save components, and preview how their changes will impact the Page Editor experience for content authors.


What is NoML?

NoML is Unstack's component tagging language.

Taking a closer look, you can see it extends HTML with a highly enhanced language containing functionality for complex structures like multi-class functionality, rich text, media upload, and generators for collections of items.


The NoML language not only controls how items are rendered in an Unstack site - it also controls how the Page Editor works for the sections created with your components.

When you've mastered NoML, you'll be able to create components with virtually any layout you define, and empower your editors to create highly customized content while maintaining control over the visual consistency of your site.

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