Can I be a user on multiple unstack sites?

What are we doing here?

When we talk about multi-site or enabling your access to multiple sites we're actually referring to the act of pairing a user (you) with multiple sites.

Below is a graphic that shows what the difference is between users and sites.


Steps by step

  1. If you're needing to Create a New Site you would sign up for Unstack again at using an email you create through our plus addressing email generator to help you keep things organized.

  2. Once you have that account setup, you'll want to identify what your main email will be, this is the email you'd like to use in order to have access to all of your sites.

  3. Now that you know what will be your main email, login to each site through its current user credentials.

  4. Navigate to the Settings page and select the Blue "+ Add User" button:

  5. Then, within the drawer that opens, enter the name and main email you have decided on and click "Invite User" at the bottom of the drawer (you may need to scroll).

  6. Navigate to your email provider and click the "Accept Invite" button within the email.

Once you've done this for all Sites, you'll notice, upon login to the main user, a multi-site option will appear.

Plus addressing tool

What is your main email address?

How many sites do you already have created within Unstack?


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