Our Downgrade/Cancellation Policy

SaaS Customers

Please be aware that our support team requires you to fill out the form linked below for your downgrade/cancelation request to be formalized. If you're charged before your request is formalized, we will not be able to issue a refund.

Shopify Customers

When your trial runs out you will automatically be charged. If you do not wish to be charged ensure that you remove Unstack Page Builder from Shopify before your trial end date. We are not able to provide refunds once you've been charged.

Our Process

First, read through our Pre-Downgrade Checklist. Then, to begin your downgrade or cancelation request, you'll need to fill out this form.

Once that form is filled out by the site owner, your request will become formalized. You'll then receive a notice that our support team has received your request.

Our team may reach out to offer a pre-downgrade offer brought to you by our customer success team. Should you accept the offer, our support team will apply the offer to your account. Should you decline the offer, they'll ensure you weren't billed after your request's formalization date, apply the downgrade, and autonomously remove users if applicable.

Pre-Downgrade Checklist

  • Unpublish content you'll no longer be able to access.
  • Ensure you're not above your new subscription's user limit.
  • Only allow your site's owner to fill out our form.
  • Check you're not over Free Limitations if moving to free.


Our Policies

Site security policy

Only the site owner may reach out or submit a request; should a non-site owner submit a request, we consider this an unauthorized request. Thus, any requests regarding billing made from this user will not be considered valid.

Access to features

When you request a downgrade, we'll automatically move your site to that subscription plan. Thus, you'll lose access to the features included with your current subscription-tier upon the date of your request, not the end date of your current billing period.

Can I return to free?

Should your site be over our free account limitations, you will face site termination. Otherwise, you will be permitted to return to free. Support will not automatically delete your account. We'll provide a warning that your site is facing termination if you (1) do not reply within 48-hours or (2) consent to site termination, we'll proceed onward with site termination.

Can I transfer site ownership after downgrading?

If you're moving down to a subscription that only permits for one user, you cannot after the downgrade/cancelation has been processed, as you'll no longer be allowed to have multiple users on your site. Support cannot adjust account ownership for non-multi-user sites.

What happens if I have more users than my new plan permits?

We'll autonomously remove all additional users' access to your site if you downgrade to a single user plan. As for multi-user plans, if you're above your new plan's limit, we'll ask you which users you'd like removed. If you do not reply within 48-hours, we'll remove the number of users that need to be removed autonomously in alphabetical order (excluding the site owner).

What happens to my content?

Should you move to a subscription without access to landing pages and/or blogs, they'll remain published if you have not unpublished them. It is your responsibility to unpublish those pieces of content before submitting our downgrade form, as they will not be accessible after your downgrade has been processed.

Can I receive a refund for unused time?

We do not provide prorated refunds. We will only refund a user if they are charged for their subscription after their downgrade/cancelation request's formalization date.

What is a formalization date?

The formalization date is a specific date referenced alongside downgrade/cancelation requests. This date is the day your downgrade form was submitted by the site owner.

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