Integrating Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)

Before we begin...

At this time our Google Analytics integration only works with Universal Analytics. GA4 is not yet supported.

To install Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) in Unstack, you'll first need to grab your Universal Analytics Property ID from your Google Analytics Account by following the steps outlined in the below graphic:


If you don't see "Tracking Info", then it likely means you don't have the proper permissions to the Property. Check with Google Analytics administrator to see if you have been given "Edit" permissions at the Property level.


If you're able to access Step 3 in the above graphic, then you'll see your Tracking ID which should follow the "UA-########-#" format.

Copy this ID, and drop it into Integrations in Unstack, under Google Analytics.  

Quick note, at this time the Analytics integration in Unstack does not fire any events or hits. Instead the integration serves as a way to add the Global Site Tag to the site without having to install the entire script. 

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