Intercom + Unstack

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a live chat and CRM tool for managing customers. The app’s primary market is for SaaS companies. However, the product’s versatile setup can build into any company model.


How do we link with Intercom?

Currently, our Intercom link is solely an install of the Intercom widget code. We provide this integration so that those without access to the custom code option may have access to their favorite chat provider.


How to set it up

First, head over to Integrations in Unstack and find Intercom underneath the "Chat" section. Click the (+) to the right of it, and grab your "APP ID" from Intercom.



To find your "APP ID" from Intercom, you'll need to first login to Intercom and then you're able to pull it directly from the URL. 



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