Can I add an article to multiple categories?

So you're writing an article for your blog, and the more you write, the more you realize that this article could realistically fit into multiple categories. 

Well we have good news! Unstack now supports multi-category support for all your articles.

Step one:

After typing up a new blog post, click on the gear icon in the top right of your Unstack editor to access the settings drawer.




Step two:

Once you have clicked on the gear icon to access the settings drawer, open the dropdown under "Categories" and select your first category.




Step three:


To add a second category, repeat this process. You'll know that you've done this correctly if you see both categories side by side, see my example below for reference.


Step four:

Make sure to save and publish your changes to make sure these are updated on the live site of your blog post.



Congratulations, you've successfully added your blog post to multiple categories!

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