Understanding Unstack's Image Optimization Settings

Resize/nextgen-optimization.... Huh? All of these optimization settings can be very overwhelming if you're looking at them for the first time. Let's quickly go over these so you know exactly what each option does!


How to access your optimization settings:

You'll need to select the optimization setting you want to use every time you upload a new image to Unstack. To access this setting, insert any media component and insert a new image.





Optimization Settings:


Allows you to add a "nextgen" image format (WEBP) as an alternate media source to take advantage of browsers supporting this format.


Resizes and applies a compression algorithm (e.g. JPG compression) to reduce the image size.


Resize only:

Resizes the image to fit in the width/height needed for where it's being used.

Do not resize or optimize:

Only the original image is used, exactly as uploaded.



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