Configuring Premium Content (Gating Content)


Unstack allows users with Full+ subscription to designate any page or article as "Premium Content".

When a page is enabled as premium, users must register a free account to view the content.

  1. View any Unstack page/article after upgrading to Full+ and access your settings using the gear icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. In your settings, scroll down until you see the dropdown box with the titled "Designate this as premium content?" and select the option "Yes".


Below is an example of what users see when they visit a page that has been gated.

Create an account?

When content is designated as "premium" visitors are required to create an account. When selected, users will need to register with your site. Once they complete the registration form they will have an account to sign in and out of on your website. When signed in, they will be able to view all premium content that requires an account to view.

How do I manage my subscribers?

All subscribers can be seen in your Unstack contacts, including contact information and pages views.


Why isn't my content gating properly?

  • Articles are only able to be gated if there are more than 50 words on the page. The first 50 words are shown as a preview, and the rest of the content on the article is what is effectively gated.
  • For pages, there needs to be at least two sections for the second section (and subsequent others) to be gated.

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