Creating a Section "Carousel"

Through the below guide you'll learn how to configure a section to "carousel". Once configured, the carousel will automatically scroll through multiple sections at a set interval allowing your site to show multiple versions of a section (or different sections all together). 


  1. On a new or existing section click the carousel.svg carousel icon to enable it.

  2. After clicking the carousel icon you'll now be able to add up to five additional sections to this section (refered to as Slides) via the (+) button shown below. In other words, additional sections can now be added to here and the page will rotate through them according to the settings you define.

  3. Clicking on the carousel carousel icon once more will toggle a specific carousel-toolbar which is where the transition time, transition speed, and animation style for the carousel is controlled.



Transition delay
Amount of time the slide displays before animation.
Transition time
Amount of time the animation will occur.
Fade Up
Animation fades up from bottom of section.
Fade from left
Animation fades from left of section.
Fade down
Animation fades down from top of section
Fade from right
Animation fades from right of section.

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