Smart Links

What is a smart link?

A smart link is an Unstack specific feature where you can link to any resource hosted in Unstack. When you use a smart link, the link will remain valid even if you update domains, change the name of that link, or change the URL for that page you're linking to.

Why use smart links?

They make "broken links" a thing of the past and make content evergreen even if the internal resources you're linking to end up changing URLs or names or domains.

How to use a smart link

If you're doing an in-text link, select the text you'd like to Hyperlink and click the 🔗 icon in our text editor menu, then instead of typing a full URL, type the name of what you'd like to link to and select the correct one from the drop-down.


If you're linking from a button/CTA follow the same steps as above, the UI will just look a little more compact.


What assets can be smart linked to?

  • Landing pages
  • Web pages
  • Articles

Articles in this section

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