Integrating Drift

How do we connect to Drift?

Drift connects to Unstack solely through their javascript integration. When added, the Drift widget code will be added to all pages and articles on your site. If you'd like to prevent it from showing up on certain pages please reference this article from Drift

Adding the code:

  1. Go into Drift's Widget Settings page in-app.

  2. Click the install accordion (1) to view your widget installation options.

  3. Click the Javascript option (2) in order to display the widget embed code.

  4. Scroll through the code looking for "drift.load(' your-app-id ');"

  5. Copy this alphanumeric App ID sandwiched between "drift.load('" and "');" which will not contain a single quote ('), double quote ("), parentheses, and will not contain the drift.load.

  6. Then, head to the integrations page in Unstack and click the (+) icon to the right of Drift. This is where you and paste this App ID.

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