Are too many H1 tags bad for SEO?

Yes, for optimal SEO, you should typically only have an H1 in your top content section, and it should summarize the Title meta-tag using slightly alternative wording.

Then, you should use H2s for a few primary section headers within the page content. These should typically reflect topics related to the overall title.

Then, you can use H3s either for content headers nested below H2s, or for headers on iterative elements like Callouts. These are the least important. The titles used within these should bolster each of the H2s, again, representing related content concepts.


  • Page Title: Ford vs Chevy - 7 points of comparison
  • H1: Ford vs Chevrolet - Which is better? We compare 7 key areas for you
  • H2: Comparison Methodology
  • H2: 1 - Engine Comparison

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