Integrating Zapier

Zapier Access

Our Zapier integration is only available to users that are subscribed to either our Full, Full+, Enterprise, or Shopify plans. For more information on these plans please reference this link.

When configured, our Zapier integration allows you trigger a Zap based off of the submission of an Unstack form on one of your pages.

Connecting Zapier

  1. Log into your Zapier account and select Create Zap. From there, search for Unstack within the "Connect this app..." field and set the "When this happens..." field to Form Submit. Integrate with the app of your choosing and select Try It.


  2. Next, Zapier will prompt you to sign into Unstack. Clicking the sign in button will open a second window which asks you for two values: an API Key and a Site ID. Both of these values can be found in your Unstack account.

  3. To find the values for API Key and Site ID you'll first need to activate the Zapier integration in your Unstack account. This can be done by clicking the (+) symbol next to the Zapier integration under Settings > Integrations. Upon doing so a slide-in with the Site ID will appear from the right. Your API Key is also found here, but doesn't exist until you hit the Generate API Key button. 

    Armed with both values, paste them into the fields in the pop-up window that appeared during the last step.

  4. Once you save both values in Zapier, you'll be prompted to select both an Unstack Account and Form Name.
    As a reminder the only trigger that is currently available through our Zapier integration is the submission of an Unstack Form. Therefore we require that you specify which form you'd like to use as the trigger. 

  5. If you've reached this step; congratulations! Your Unstack account should now be integrated with Zapier. As a reference, below are the various values from Unstack that you should use defining an action in Zapier that's using Unstack as the trigger.

    Built-In Fields Custom Fields

    If your Unstack form is using the built-in fields that are provided in the form editor, then the table below should help you to map those fields to the values you can use to reference them in Zapier.

    Unstack Field Zapier Value #1 Zapier Value #2
    First Name Data First Name Contact First Name
    Last Name Data Last Name Contact Last Name
    Full Name Data Full Name -
    Email Data Email Contact Email
    Phone Number Data Phone Contact Phone
    Street Address Data Address1 Company Address1
    City Data City Company City
    State/Region Company State -
    Country Data Country Company Country
    Company Name Data Organization Contact Organization

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