Stripe + Unstack

Naming note

We call this the Stripe integration, however, you may see it referenced elsewhere as the Stripe sync. Stripe sync is what occurs once the Stripe integration is successfully configured.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processing platform that's trusted by millions of businesses.

How we connect with Stripe

Our Stripe integration allows for life-time value to be displayed on contacts, revenue attribution in insights, payment forms through our Payments & Subscriptions product, and gated content specific to our Subscriptions product.

Connecting Stripe

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab on the left sidebar navigation menu
  2. Click the (+) icon to the far right of the "Stripe Sync" integration
  3. Follow the prompts shown in the window that opens

Once completed you'll see a Green Dot followed by "Connected" fill the location the (+) icon previously held.

Frequently asked questions

What information does Unstack receive in this process?

We'll receive your basic personal information. We do not receive your banking information, SSN, or any other private information Stripe requests of you. Find more in-depth details on transmitted information on

It's showing an error instead of "Connected," what do I do?

Click "Reconnect" since this error is most likely due to our authentication being expired for your Stripe account. Receive more hands-on support by contacting

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