Component Guide: FAQ


Answering customer questions is not only helpful for your visitors it also serves for your SEO since Unstack uses a Google Approved Schema to serve up your FAQs' content and allow them to be easily indexable by Google.

Introduction to FAQs

Working with FAQs

Adding an FAQ Item

When you need to add an additional item to your FAQs component, simply hover or select any already existing FAQ item then click the (+) plus icon that appears. This will add a new blank FAQ item directly below your current FAQ item.


Removing an FAQ Item

When you need to remove an FAQ item from the component, simply hover that FAQ item and click the trash icon that appears when you're editing that item or hovering it.


Repositioning an FAQ Item

When you need to adjust the position that your FAQ item is at within the vertical list of FAQ items, simply hover or select it then, while clicking and holding the drag icon, drag that FAQ item to your desired new location within the vertical list.


Coming up with questions

Figuring out what your customers want to know is always a challenge. We highly suggest a tool called AnsweThePublic for discovering what questions the public is asking through search engines.

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