Connecting your GoDaddy Domain

Subscription note

If you're not on a paying plan you will not receive SSL or Root Domain Redirection. Due to this, you'll only see one DNS record.

This document has a prerequisite

You'll need to already have completed the steps in our custom domain configuration document.

With the 1-3 records you have within your Unstack settings page, you'll follow these steps. You'll want to note down the records you'd received from Unstack as we'll be copying and pasting them into GoDaddy.

Here's a run-down of how we'll reference these records in a human-friendly way throughout this document:

Record Name Record Type Record Description
WWW Record CNAME This record has a HOST of "www" and is named the www record since it hosts/establishes the hosting of your domain.
Root Domain Record A Record This record has a HOST of either nothing (blank) or "@" depending on your host. Within GoDaddy, you'll use "@."
SSL Record CNAME This record has a HOST which begins with an underscore (_) you'll need to verify the HOST and VALUE are both correct.
  1. Navigate to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  2. Select the domain you're connecting and click "Manage DNS" under "Additional Settings".
  3. Select "Add" under the table of records, Select the record type (WWW & SSL Records will be "CNAME", The Root Domain Record will be "A Record").
  4. Input the "Points to" or "Value" into the next input which may also be found within your Unstack settings page within the records table.

For additional help, please reference this document from GoDaddy.

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