Support Identification Policy

Your information is yours, we're here to protect that. Due to this, we have a very strict protocol on who we'll allow to access, request, or edit your user/site information.

Site changes

All site changes are respective to your user role within a site, thus, we'll only allow you to request actions which your user role would already permit.

User actions

In order for support to be able to help you, we require you to write to us from an email associated with the site you're referencing. Should you not be writing to us from a known email, we'll let you know we cannot aid with your request.

Specifically for site owners, if you're locked out of your email on file you may send us the following information to verify your identity:

  • Last four of the card on file.
  • The most recent charge date.
  • The most recent charge amount.
  • Unstack subdomain.

If you're on a free account that has never had a subscription, we'll be unable to verify your identity, thus, unable to grant you access to the account. Although we may be able to review this on a situational basis, you should be prepared to lose access to your account.

However, if you're not a site owner and locked out of that email, please request your site owner removes your user and adds your new email as a new user.

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