Can Unstack help me resolve Google Search Console issues?

Commonly you may receive a Google Search Console issue which is relating to something within your Unstack site. Should the issue in reference be within our support scope, please follow this guide to help us quickly troubleshoot with you.

Quick note

Some issues can be resolved quickly by support, however, some may require a formal ticket that could require time to be resolved.

When you receive the issue from Google, you'll often get an email that looks like this:


We understand it is tempting to simply forward us this email, however, it does not provide the level of information we need.

  1. Click the Blue Button in the alert email to be brought to the issue's page in Google Search Console.
  2. Once on the report page, click "Share" in the upper right corner.
  3. Activate sharing for this report, this will only allow us to view this report, we will not have access to any other issues or areas of your Google Search Console account.
  4. Copy the link and send that to support along with a brief description.

Once we receive this we'll look to check if it's within our support scope, who would be the one to fix it (us or you), and how to fix it.

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