Unstack Support's Scope

We're here to help, however, there are some things that fall outside the technical scope of our support team. So, here's the full explanation of what and when we can lend a helping hand for you and your team.

What we're here to help with

  1. Any Unstack Native Feature

    Anything we built, we'll support. However, if your team built it or customized it beyond our app's features (i.e., added CSS/JS) we can no longer help you with that directly, instead, we'll provide some resources to get you on the right path.

  2. Web Hosting and Performance

    We're here to help you with the process of DNS, site load, and all other outlets of web hosting which occur and are originated within the Unstack platform.

  3. Integrations

    This falls under out "if we built it, we support it" motto, if integration is acting up we'll take actions to ensure all processes on our side are firing correctly. However, we cannot login nor troubleshoot your account.

What we can only provide you resources on

We hate to say no, however, our support team doesn't have the resources to provide aid on the following topics. Additionally, these topics are your team's responsibility to work on and uphold.

  1. Custom Code

    We cannot be responsible for providing, editing, reviewing, or helping with custom code even if it's in relation to a custom component. We will only be able to ensure the code we publicly provide is in working order.

  2. SEO Optimization

    We help with SEO in many ways natively. Outside of these, we cannot help you with SEO, SEO best practices, or SEO strategy. Should you need SEO help, consider our Content Marketing Services.

  3. Third-party Integrations

    If an integration is listed on our integrations page, we can help. However, if you injected a custom integration using our custom integration option, we cannot help with the validation or support of that integration.

  4. Strategy

    Our team cannot help with website strategy, if you're looking for strategy and on the Full+ plan reach out and request a call with a CSM.

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